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The Past 25 Years

Moments Like This
US, Chesky Records (84), 1993, 15 tracks
I Don't Know Enough About You / I'm in Love Again / Why Don't You Do Right? / Remind Me / Moments Like This / Our Love Is Here to Stay / Don't Ever Leave Me / Maņana / The Folks who Live on the Hill / S'Wonderful / Amazing / Do I Love You? / You're My Thrill / Always True to You (In My Fashion) / Then Was Then

Love Held Lightly: Rare Songs By Harold Arlen
US, EMI/Angel (54798), 1993 (songs recorded in 1988), 14 tracks
Look Who's Been Dreaming / Love Held Lightly / Buds Won't Bud / Can You Explain? / Wait'll It Happens to You / Come On, Midnight / Happy with the Blues / Bad for Each Other / Love's No Stranger to Me / I Could Be Good with You / Got to Wear You Off My Weary Mind / I Had a Love Once / Love's a Necessary Thing / My Shining Hour

The Peggy Lee Songbook: There'll Be Another Spring
US, Musicmasters (50342), 1990, 13 tracks
Circle in the Sky / I Just Want to Dance All Night / He's a Tramp / There'll Be Another Spring / Johnny Guitar / Fever / I'll Give It All to You / Sans Souci / Where Can I Go without You? / Boomerang (I'll Come Back to You) / Things Are Swingin' / Over the Wheel / The Shining Sea

Close Enough for Love
US, DRG (5190), CD release date unknown (LP released in 1979), 10 tracks
You / Easy Does It / Close Enough for Love / A Robinsong / Just One of Those Things / I Can't Resist You / Come In from the Rain / In the Days of Our Love / Through the Eyes of Love / Rain Sometimes

US, A&M (5268), 1989 (LP released in 1975), 11 tracks
Is That All There Is? / Ready to Begin Again (Manya's Song) / Some Cats Know / I've Got Them Feelin' Too Good Today Blues / A Little White Ship / Tango / Professor's Hauptmann's Performing Dogs / The Case of M.J. / I Remember / Say It / Longings for a Simpler Time

Miss Peggy Lee Sings the Blues
US, Musicmasters (50052), 1988, 12 tracks
See See Rider / Basin Street Blues / Squeeze Me / You Don't Know / Fine and Mellow / Baby Please Come Home / Kansas City / Birmingham Jail / Love Me / Beale Street / Tain't Nobody's Business / God Bless the Child