New York Daily Mirror, May 25, 1971

Peggy Lee Spans Generation Gap

by Peggy Lee

I love prom kids. Thatís one night when theyíre all dressed up Ė brushed and combed and squeaky clean. Iím happy to say that a lot of them come to see me when Iím playing a club at prom time. And I usually am.

I remember a night last June...As I left the stage after a performance, a big, tall, nice-looking boy, dragging along a very shy and cute girl, came up to me and said: "Hey, we just wanted to tell you how much we liked you. We thought Peggy Lee would be an old folksí singer but man, youíre Ė youíre groovy!"

I think that I enjoyed that "review" as much as a rave review in the newspapers.

Strangely enough, as I was going down the elevator only moments later, a middle-aged couple, probably in their fifties, told me how much they enjoyed my show, saying, "Itís nice to hear a singer to whom we can relate.

Twice in 10 minutes! It does a girl good.

Iím delighted that the mothers and fathers still like my songs, and of course, Iím thrilled that the kids do, too. There are so many good songs being written today Ė you can sing songs that are very "now" but that doesnít alienate adults.

Audiences are really the most important in performing, and I feel a great sense of responsibility to them. If you canít capture your audience, the best musical material in the world wonít be of any help to you.

You canít just stand up there like a star saying, "Here I am." You have to give to an audience. Some of our younger performers havenít learned this yet. I guess Iím kind of old-fashioned. Iím very hard-working and low-keyed. I love to talk and sing to an audience as if they were my friends.

Of course, I never cut out the songs that my fans identify with me. I give them something new, but they also get "MaŮana," "Fever" and "Is That All There Is?"

And Iíll tell you a secret. I love to perform. When it is no longer stimulating, Iíll think of giving it up. But that time seems to be far in the future. Iím having too much fun right now!

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